Laboratory diagnostics Medicare Plus


The Medicare Plus Laboratory will test your hormone levels from a saliva sample.

Hormones are intercellular couriers. They regulate the working of neighbouring or distant cells. They are carrier molecules, released from neurons in the brain or from glands throughout the body into the blood flow, which they use to travel to the target organ.

Both men and women experience changes in their hormone levels as they age. Often, these changes are very subtle, but that doesn’t mean they don’t affect our health in significant ways. Excessive concentrations of hormones in our bodies can cause great harm or medical issues. When hormonal imbalance turns chronic, the effects are felt even in the individual’s mood and behaviour. These changes can also manifest uncomfortable symptoms that require our attention.

Hormone testing is appropriate for:

Men and women who want a clearer picture of their hormone situation.
Women before menopause who suffer from PMS syndromes. These can be caused by hormonal imbalance.
Women who want to test their progesterone, testosterone and oestradiol levels. These hormones are crucial for the body’s functioning both before and during menopause.
Anyone who wants to monitor their hormone levels during replacement therapy. The therapist will fine-tune the therapy in accordance with the test’s results.
It is also suitable for anyone who is experiencing symptoms including fatigue, insomnia, stress, immune system issues, blood sugar issues and obesity.

It is advisable to test cortisol levels as well as the levels of sexual hormones.

What do hormones affect?

They monitor all of the most important functions in our bodies. This hormone test is the simplest way to get readings about the levels of certain hormones in our bodies (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone…).

The tests are conducted in collaboration with the diagnostic laboratory MEDICARE Plus.

Choose a package:

Female hormones
Male hormones

Come get TESTED.

Within 5 DAYS, you will receive the TEST RESULTS via e-mail.

Test instructions: You will receive indepth instructions after booking a session.
Do not consume difficult to digest foods 2 hours prior to the test. Drink 2 glasses of water.

Do not brush your teeth with toothpaste before collecting samples.
We recommend that you inform your personal doctor or specialist before you take the test.