Crystal healing

Crystal healing

The most important things happen quietly. 

The core principle of crystal healing lies in the inaudible vibrations that are unique to each crystal.

 There is a reason why we find crystals so appealing. Within them lie millions of years of wisdom and the energy of the Universe.

Each crystal is completely unique. Intuition will guide you to the perfect one.

Crystals are used as a holistic-vibration and non-invasive healing method:

  • they balance the chakras
  • they balance the flow of Qi
  • they break down deep blockades
  • balance your natural energy rhythm and levels
  • help establish harmony between body, mind and soul
  • promote deep relaxation
  • sharpen your intuition
  • absorb energy leylines that cause imbalance in our bodies
  • they are our link to the energy of the Universe

 Crystal healing is not a suitable substitute for treatments prescribed by your personal doctor, medical specialist or pharmacist.