Crystal healing

Crystalotherapy and vibrational therapy

Qi is life. Without Qi, there is no existence. Qi determines our health.
A lack of Qi means you will not function at optimal levels. Qi blockages cause physical and mental pain.

The conditions that we set for ourselves in our daily lives (or those set for us by others in our youth) can either support Qi or impede its proper flow. Sleeping disorders, not enough rest, unsuitable diets, toxic environments, constant stress coupled with copious amounts of adrenaline and neglect of our spiritual life: these conditions can push Qi to the brink. At some point, it starts weakening, until it
collapses entirely.

If these harmful conditions persist for long periods of time, they will eventually manifest on a physical level (in the forms of allergies, chronic fatigue, indigestion…). This is our Qi’s way of telling us that something is wrong and to get our attention. The same goes for stress on a mental level (fears, embarrassment, dissatisfaction…) and on an energetic level (chakras and

Crystalotherapy and vibrational therapy
are the process of renewing the harmonic flow of energy in the system of the
body’s chakras and meridians. When your chakras and meridians are in balance,
you will feel better, more relaxed, more concentrated, peaceful, vital and love

Chakra and meridian therapy is based on
Crystalotherapy, Acupressure and Cupping technique.