My story

I start every day with thankfulness in my heart.

I am thankful for my curiosty, my stubbornness and my persistence. I am thankful to fate and the protection of the cosmic energies.

I have them to thank for the existence of Vita Nova. Vita nova is like the Karst. It is natural, wild and magical. It is the backdrop to many beautiful stories.

I love it. I love sharing it with you.

I haven’t quite unveiled the secrets of the Universe, but I have managed to find a way to reforge the connection with the Universal energy – with Qi.

The path should be just like our lives. Ideally, we should be able to follow our dreams – dare to dream, and you will find your true passion. We should be able to find our true selves, and to truly and fully experience the miracle that we are a part of – the miracle of LIFE. Deep down, there is only one thing we all want from life – HAPPINESS (although, to be fair, when our daughter was still a dainty young lady, she would hold that it’s really chocolate we want, not happiness :-)).

Being able to do what makes us happy is a true blessing – but we must be the ones to take the first step.

My philosophy of life is holistic. Why holistic? It’s simple. It is crucial that we fufill all aspect of our lives. Our lives, much like nature itself, demand balance. We are intuitive and natural beings.

There occurs a wondrous, spontaneous change within us when we provide our bodies, our minds and our souls with the primary elements: a clean and quiet environment, nature, light, alkaline water, natural and organic and homemade food, rest, sleep, and natural cosmetics. When we remove all of the physically toxic factors from our environment (allergens, intolerances, imbalanced hormones, toxins…), when we promote the flow of meridians and activate our chakras, a primal urge wakes deep within us – harmony.

When we change the world without, the world within will also start to change.

Reconnect with the spiritual, the intangible. Awaken your life force. 

I want to sincerely thank you for allowing me to be a part of your process of Qi awakening and for giving me the wonderful chance to experience your life force.