Meditation with crystals

Ancient intuitive knowledge

A man, who lives only on the surface surrounded by material things, is a poor man. Inner world is deeply rooted in us. It cannot be erased and forgotten.

 Inner natural world, to which we once belonged, is the Sacred treasure of our being. At a certain period in life, the longing for our true and wild nature becomes more and more felt. Intuitively, we begin to realize that the material world tires us and gives us nothing but a deceptive comfort zone.

Meditation can help us to go Back to roots. Back to the silence of our soul and sacred inner world.

Meditation is a technique that nurtures the instinctive aspects of our lives. It’s not just a technique we learn through practice.

Meditation is a way of life.

A meditative state is a state of consciousness in which the mind is calm and free of thought. Meditation is inner exploration, self-observation, and natural perception. The use of crystals in meditation is one of the most effective ways to deepen meditation and achieve a certain result during meditation.

On a spiritual level, crystal meditation can help raise our consciousness and awareness, awaken our intuition, and restore balance.

Meditation in Vita nova is guided by MEDITATIVE DISC which is based on ancient elements used by our ancestors in prehistoric times - SACRED GEOMETRY, CRYSTALS OF CLEAR QUARTZ&AMETHIST and SACRED HERBS.

Guided meditation  by prior arrangement is in the morning at 7.00 and in the evening at 19.00.