My story

Our power comes from the magick and wisdom of our ancestors.

My great-grandmother Angela lived holistically, sustainably, responsibly and in harmony with nature. She was primary and primitive. She was a wise woman. Her primitiveness was her deepest wisdom. She knew the plants, the lichens, all peaces of nature where she lived. For each herb, she knew when it had matured so that it could be picked and used for medicinal purposes. Her feeling for nature was clean, beautiful and quiet. She spoke little. She didn't have to. The most important things happen in silence.

She left behind an inaudible legacy that was never written down. I have long been sorry that this is so. But with my spiritual maturation, I discovered that not only what is written on paper is preserved. I am the paper on which the important things are written.

Why does it shock me so much when I see what we are doing with Mother Earth, animals, plants, and our lives? My grandmother Angela shakes me! My cellular memory wakes up. My responsibility to Angela is awake.

For her, Mother was the Nature of the world.

My mom was lucky to have spent her childhood with her. She remembers her many times. How she lay down at a specific time under a tree and did something strange there. She was doing the most basic thing. She merged herself with the forces of nature. She intuitively knew when her body, mind, and soul needed the negative ions of Mother Earth to ground and balance her. To bring her closer to her wild and natural being.

My Angela died in 1981. But only physically. Her Energy is still in us. Nothing was lost. Everything remained in us. It only took the right time to come back again. I don't feel chosen. The forces that currently rule our creation are so attuned that I am the one who must accept the message and bring it to light. Angela entrusted me with this task. Cellular memory awakens in many. Responsibility to nature is respect for our ancestors. Silent signals encourage us to change something.

Angela left me a silent awareness that Mother Nature is a part of us and that without her, our living makes no sense. The memory of her reminds me of how we lost focus. Our selfishness and desire for a comfort zone has clouded our body, mind and spirit.

She helped me find my origins again. On all three levels of my being: physical, mental and spiritual. Her Voice became so loud at some point that I couldn’t ignore it. For a long time I tried to avoid him and push him into the subconscious. But he came back again and again. Stronger each time. He stubbornly persisted until I wanted to hear him.

Thanks Angela for waking me up!

That your connection with nature has put me on the right path. On the path of Nature and Life. That I can follow my desires. That I can allow myself to dream and discover my passions. That I discovered my essence and felt a miracle - LIFE.

Being able to do what makes me happy is really a blessing. But I decided on this blessing in the first place on my own. That I listened - to Angelina's voice. The path of realization was long. But worth every step.

Sus tainable, organic and holistic path. The path that leads me back to the roots.

This is not a trend. It is our cellular memory that awakens. Because we neglected it, it is quite dusty and stiff. Frightened and weak. But his heart - his essence is very much alive and strong.

The original essence cannot be lost, it can be recalled. The seed can germinate, we just have to let it. We. Ourself. Only in this way can we become overflowing with life.