Bioresonance method

Vibration therapy

Bioresonance method (testing and therapy)

Biophysical processes are the basic activities in every organism that control biochemical processes. The human body is subject to electromagnetic fluctuations ranging from very short to extremely long wave lengths. The body autoregulates to maintain a dynamic balance between normal physiological fluctuations and pathologic fluctuations. When this autoregulation breaks down, it triggers various physical and mental symptoms.

Bioresonance therapy is a computer-guided therapy of fluctuations and frequencies that promote the self-healing properties of the body on a bioenergetic level.

Bioresonance therapy fortifies the body’s immune system and promotes the organism’s regeneration.

Bioresonance promotes the stabilization of the body’s immune, mental and bioenergetic states.

Strengthening of the immune system
Fungal infections, viruses, bacteria
Pain in the joints, in the spine
Losing body weight
Hormonal issues
Headaches, migraines
Chronic fatigue, depression, stress
Meridian and chakra blockades
E-smog, radiation issues

The therapy is entirely painless, uses no drugs and has no side effects. It is suitable for children.

The BICOM bioresonance therapy certificate can be issued to any therapist that collects enough credit during the course of one year from mandatory education seminars at home or abroad in the field of the bioresonance method. This credit can also be collected by actively engaging with their patients and writing reports on their progress.

 A certified BICOM therapist will have a sign and certificate displayed at their office, proving that they fulfill the necessary criteria and standards and that they continue their professional education.

The bioresonance method is not a suitable substitute for treatments prescribed by your personal doctor, medical specialist or pharmacist.